Which Shi​nrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) Experience is right for you?
I provide a variety of Nature and Forest Therapy offerings that allow you to experience the benefits of enhanced well-being, reduced stress, and a deeper nature connection.  If you don't see something below that works for you, please contact me.  I am open to other options!

Please note that I use phrases such as Forest BathingShinrin-yoku, and Forest Therapy Walks interchangeably, and they refer to the same thing.  Experiences do vary depending upon the number of people participating, the location, the day, season, weather, etc..  

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  1. Small Group
    Small Group
    A leisurely, non-strenuous Forest Bathing walk experience, typically in a local or state park for groups of 4 to 12. Full Forest Bathing: 2-3 hours, Abbrev.: 75 minutes. For ages 16 and above. (Special walks for youth)
  2. Individual
    The individual Shinrin-Yoku experience offers an opportunity for more focus, quiet time, and contemplation. As the guide, I can assist you in moving deeper into your own healing and wellness journey.
  3. Organizational / Corporate
    Organizational / Corporate
    A perfect pairing with an organizational or company retreat, a Nature/Forest Therapy walk can enhance mental clarity and creativity levels, and provide a heightened sense of wellbeing for your team members.
  4. Nature / Creativity
    Nature / Creativity
    Shinrin-Yoku pairs beautifully with creativity workshops, offering participants the opportunity to shift from the analytical mind prior to a Forest Bathing experience, to a more open, inspired expression afterwards.
  5. Wellness Partnerships
    Wellness Partnerships
    Similar to Nature / Creativity partnerships, pairing Shinrin-Yoku with other practices and therapies such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, equine or art therapy, etc., can enhance and enrich their positive benefits.
  6. Other Options
    Other Options
    The options are vast and ripe for exploration at this point! I am open to discussing how to integrate a Nature and Forest Therapy experience in ways not yet mentioned under my list of serves. Let's talk!