If you don't see a Shinrin-yoku event that fits your schedule, contact me! We can discuss how to create a special event / walk for a group (4-12 people preferred) of friends, family, coworkers, etc. Email me at [email protected]
  2. COMING IN JUNE 2019!
    MY BOOK! Wild Calm: Finding Mindfulness in Forest Bathing
    Due out in June 2019, I have been working on fun, journal-style book. While it's not the same as a guided walk, the easy-to-use format will give readers a deeper sense of connection with the natural world. Click on the book image below for more info.
    My Interview in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine!
    I was interviewed in this amazing magazine published by the State of Minnesota! Please check out the March/April 2019 edition. Click the button to be taken to their website, and check out "From the Editor"
Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine (March/April)
NOTE:  My Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) events listed are usually independent and not affiliated with Glendalough State Park,
even if they are held there.  
If a state park sponsors a forest bathing event, it will say so in the description on this page.  Please contact me via [email protected] if you have any questions about an event listed here that is not listed on a park's website.  Park entrance fees apply to all walks within the state park system, and are separate from any fees collected from Bircheart Shinrin-yoku or through the park.

Most Forest Bathing walks are scheduled for no less than 90 minutes, with full walks lasting 2.5 to 3 hours.  A professionally guided Shinrin-yoku experience can be a one-time event, but hopefully you’ll want to return for new and different experiences, just as you might attend a yoga or meditation class on multiple occasions.  In fact, some of the healing and wellness benefits can be likened to those experienced with yoga, mediation, or massage; only in the case of Shinrin-yoku, you’re making a connection with your body and spirit, and the healing wisdom of the natural world.  I partake in the above practices as well, and know of their holistic benefits, but Shinrin-yoku is truly a unique practice!  While I thought I was in tune with the natural world, this has really amplified my connection with nature and with myself (which are, of course, connected!)

The cost of a guided Forest Bathing walk will vary depending upon the venue, the length, sponsorship, and whether it’s a group or solo event.  Each specific event’s registration information will list the costs associated with it (unless it’s sponsored by an organization or other entity that is covering the costs).  I did a quick search of some of the above-mentioned events and practices in this part of the state, just for a point of comparison:

Yoga-related 2 hour workshop:  $35 -$45+
Massage:  45 minutes - $60-$75; 60 minutes - $90-$100
Individual healing / coaching:  $100+

Group walk rates will be slightly less than workshop rates listed to the left; individually-guided walks will be closer to those of a healing / coaching session.  


As someone who walks in the woods on a daily basis I wondered what this experience would bring to me.  I was not disappointed.  It brought a tremendous feeling of slowing down, well-being, and an expanded sense of how I connected with the natural world.  We were led by Joan’s gentle guides into a rich sensory experience and time of personal reflection.  The tea ceremony added to my feeling of being replenished.  I continue to carry this experience with me.

It was a wonderful experience.  I’m glad you are doing this work.

What a wonderful, deep, nurturing  experience that was! I can’t thank you enough.
It was a perfect way to end my day. I really enjoyed the group and your magic touch. 

It. Was. Awesome!

Thank you, Joan!  I enjoyed the walk yesterday even more than I had expected.  On my walk today I found myself thinking back to yesterday’s experience and want to revisit the large oak tree under which we stood.  It truly set the mood for the stress reduction experience and stimulated several senses.  I appreciated every minute of the time and thought the tea ceremony was a perfect ending.

(And gratitude for those who have been involved!)

IMAGES ABOVE represent some of the events and activities that have happened so far.  I typically don't have my camera out, but here are a few visuals!

Thoughtful participants in a "forest tea" ceremony, arranged pieces of nature as gifts to the gathering.

People connect with nature in different ways, not only with the trees, but also the prairies and waters of this beautiful place!

Children's activities have allowed us to be more playfrul, partner with others, and create beautiful nature art!
I am truly grateful for the variety of events I've been a part of so far, to the people who participate and bring so much to the walks, and to those who make things happen!  

Many thanks to all who have taken an interest and offered support for the following:

  • Winter Forest Bathing in Itasca State Park with regional naturalists. Thank you, naturalists, for your enthusiasm and openness!
  • Forest Bathing walks at Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield, MN, sponsored by the American Society of Landscape Architects.  Thank you, Jake and ASLA!
  • Featured presentation: "Getting Back to the Garden"  I was honored to give at the Unitarian Church of Underwood Minnesota on Earth Day.  Thank you, UU speaker committee!
  • "Honoring Mothers" and nurturing women on a gorgeous Mothers Day walk.  Thank you, beautiful women!
  • "Seeds for the Future" in Roosevelt Park, Fergus Falls, MN, as part of "Year of Play."  Thanks to Artist/partner Dwight Mickelson, The Department of Public Perks, Springboard for the Arts, PartnerSHIP4Health, and the National Endowment for the Arts
  • Glendalough State Park's "Wild Wednesdays" Forest Bathing for children, their adults, and other "kids at heart"!  Thank you Glendalough, Ben and Kathy!
  • Buffalo River State Park's featured wellness programs.  Thanks to Paula and Kathy, and Buffalo River Park!
  • Wellness Wednesday Walks at Glendalough State Park have been wonderful and unique, and an honor to be a part of!  
  • "Green Friday" walk (as a counter to Black Friday) brought those who chose to Opt Outdoors on a gorgeous day!