I found myself continually looking to Nature​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
We’ve all been through those times in life…
feeling overwhelmed or stressed, going through a transition in life or career, suffering loss… or just simply needing to feel more connected or happy or authentic or healthy…  Throughout my life,  I’ve experienced many of the scenarios mentioned, and I began to notice a pattern: I found myself continually looking to Nature for healing, for helping to clear my head, or to just feel better.  To me, it didn’t matter that there was scientific research to back it up.  I only had to experience the restorative qualities from the natural world to know without a doubt:  ​​​


My background is not in a healing-related field,
per se, but as an architect and former university professor whose focus has been on understanding and creating healing environments.  “How can we design places (or even our lives) to simultaneously improve the well being of ourselves, our communities, and our planet?” 

Everything I have found, especially during and since my years of teaching and researching, has emphasized fostering a deeper connection with Nature.  Both personally and professionally I have tapped into the wisdom, greater sense of well being, and the wonder from spending quiet-yet-engaged time in Nature. And now with my rich training and experience as a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, I can better share this with you.